Celtic-Plus Event Vienna


TST exhibits TILAS Project results on the Celtic-Plus Event being held in Vienna, April 27, 2015 – April 28, 2015.

TILAS Project aims to provide technological solutions that enable the deployment of IoT devices to large-scale smart cities environments. The breakthroughs are focused on new models of end-to-end security devices with limited resources, management of massive remote firmware upgrades, new routing protocols and incorporation of IPv6 on PLC (Power Line Communication). The project exploits the outcomes of different SmartCity initiatives taking place across Europe and beyond to propose different test-bed deployments in Santander, Paris, Grenoble and Seoul.

Two demos will be showcased in the event. The first will be focused on large scale remote update of devices and the second one deals with the particularities of multimedia traffic in low power, low capacity networks, such as the ones deployed in smart cities.