Final Review of TILAS Project in Santander, Spain


The Final Review of TILAS Project, awarded with Celtic-Plus label, has been held today in the city of Santander, Spain.

TILAS Project aims to provide technological solutions that enable the deployment of IoT (Internet of Things) devices to large-scale smart cities environments. The breakthroughs proposed in the project have produced a huge number of innovative solutions to be applied on large-scale deployments and listed below:

  • New models of end-to-end security devices with limited resources.
    Customized optimal enclosures with internal antennas reducing the visual impact.
    Management of massive remote firmware upgrades.
    New routing protocols dealing with scenarios such as multimedia (photo and video).
    Support of IPv6 on PLC (Power Line Communication).
    Cloud base services (IaaS, SaaS) exploiting large amount of data.

All these results have been validated on different test-bed deployments in Santander, Paris, Grenoble and Seoul:

  • Santander: Urban traffic pattern monitoring experimentation platform based on NO2 and O3 sensors.
  • Paris: two experimentations platforms have been deployed:
    • Image/video surveillance with security advanced features.
    • PLC platform supporting IPv6
  • Grenoble: Environmental monitoring experimentation platform.
  • Seoul: Water management and monitoring experimentation platform.

TST has leaded a consortium of 9 partners coming from 4 different countries: Spain (TST, TTI y Bankoi), France (Gemalto, UPEC, CEA-LETI, Webdyn), Turkey (Turk Telekom Argela) and South Korea (Pangaea).

More about TILAS: