Smart 4G base stations



The objective of this project is the development of “intelligent” 4G base stations based on the new LTE communications standard. This new generation of stations will be based on a customized antenna beam generation scheme targeted at each user, optimizing system performance, minimizing power consumption and maximizing the number of simultaneous users and available bandwidths.

The proposed base station solution will include:

  • Shaped or flat antenna panels capable of implementing electronic scanning in real time.
  • Highly integrated radio-frequency fronts with the radiant elements of the antennas and which will support multi-carrier mode operation with flexible output power adjustment.
  • Digital control system over the phase and amplitude of the signal, allowing the generation and movement of multiple antenna beams in transmission and reception.
  • Instantaneous calibration system.

This type of station will be able to support hundreds of users simultaneously and have a high degree of efficiency, receiving and transmitting data in flexible and wider bandwidths. In this way, it will be possible to significantly increase the data traffic of each station, allowing operators to offer more bandwidth to users at a similar or even lower cost than the current one.