Distributed Artificial Intelligence Systems



Artificial intelligence is one of today’s fastest growing technologies for business and commercial purposes, due to its ability to process data quickly and in a human-understandable way.

The use of artificial intelligence in work routines is enabling companies to optimise processes for greater efficiency and productivity.

The DAIS (Distributed Artificial Intelligence Systems) project will develop solutions for the creation of connected, secure and intelligent targets for application to European industry. Specifically, it will focus on the development of embedded hardware/software components, both digital and analogue, with the capacity to implement artificial intelligence-based solutions in a more efficient and secure way under the edge computing paradigm.

In addition, DAIS will integrate edge components in cloud-based solutions and also in fog computing. The integration of edge components in cloud and fog encompasses three key areas: the orchestration and coordination of AI tasks running in different parts of the topology, the investigation of distributed privacy and security measures, and the resolution of networking and communication needs for such highly distributed solutions.

To this end, TST will design and develop innovative IoT devices that will integrate the necessary computing power to run Artificial Intelligence algorithms, thereby improving energy efficiency, reducing communication needs and increasing reliability in various application scenarios.

The DAIS project is a significant step towards the next generation of smart, connected devices in a smart industry context, leveraging the cloud and helping to increase computational capacity in the grid while achieving proper energy management.