Distributed Artificial Intelligence Systems


EECONE (European ECOsystem for green Electronics)

Sustainability needs smart tools to be effective, as it is increasingly necessary to meet the ecological requirements for the future.

In addition, including technology in the agricultural sector helps to streamline the work with the inclusion of new tools that improve production.

EECONE is a project that aims to reduce e-waste on a European scale. To this end, it proposes effective ways to reduce the volume of e-waste in the European Union (EU) through the 6Rs concept to move towards zero waste generation.


The 6Rs

Reliable, Reduce, Refurbish, Reyse, Repair y Recycle


Field Monitoring Probe for Smart Farming

WP3. TST’s work has consisted in the development of:

– A tool for the selection of batteries for IoT devices using environmental criteria.

– A tool for determining the useful life of batteries in IoT infrastructure.

WP4. TST has worked on the design of an agricultural probe that integrates a modular printed circuit board (PCB), so that the main components, e.g. the communications module, can be reused.

This modular design is based on organic substrates and the use of easily recyclable batteries.