Fill level sensor for urban bins

Fill level sensor TSLevel-B

Optical Smart Sensor

TST Waste bin sensor (TSLevel-B) is a smart device which allows an optimal and efficient waste collection management. Optical sensing technology is used to measure the fill level related to any type of content in small boxes or bins. The waste bin sensor is also enabled to monitor the temperature inside the bin.

The sensor is fully customizable, allowing to configure the number and frequency of the measurements. The sensor data are sent to the management platform using Sigfox IoT network.

The data collected by the sensor can be used to easily set-up alarms and notify the Smart waste collection company when bins are ready to be emptied or filling level reaches a desired value. The collection routes are optimized, manual process is reduced, thus considerably reducing operational costs and saving time.

The sensor allows to set up an alarm when the temperature inside the waste bin is over 70ºC.

The sensor is easily mounted in the most type of bins and any maintenance is required. The ultra low consumption design only brings the need of battery replacement in 5 years period.

  • Accurate laser technology
  • Ultra low consumption (5 years lifetime estimation)
  • Sigfox communications
  • Detection range: 2.5 cm - 200 cm
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Fully customizable.
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