Flexible network communications



The main objective of the project is to build up a new paradigm of flexible network communications to foster the IoT value creation.

The Flexible IoT Network provides to the IoT value creators the availability to consume the network communications on demand, according to their specific needs required, in real time automatically. This paradigm changes completely the way communications have been used/consumed so far. Indeed, the Flexible IoT Network transforms the current static, manually adapted communications, to a fully flexible, automatically programmable, communications network, which is adjusted, in real time, to the specific needs of each IoT use case.

This real-time adaptation is the key factor for IoT value creation.
In order to show this potentiality of the IoT Value Creation thanks to the Flexible IoT Network, the project develops different use cases.

The selected use cases are in the areas of security and mobility since both represent two of the main challenges to address in the coming future.

Flexnet IoT Network