Gateway UNE-82326 TSherpa

Smart Water UNE-82326

TST Smart Water UNE-82326 is an NB-IoT Gateway enabled to collect data from water meters compliant with UNE 82326:2010. It allows to read measurements from up to 50 meters connected to the UNE 82326:2010 bus.

The NB-IoT gateway is fully customizable, allowing to configure the number and frequency of the measurements. The data coming from the water meters is transmitted to the management platform by using NB-IoT communications network. The information received can be processed and analysed allowing to optimize the water consumption or detect leaks or damages in real time.

The Gateway is battery powered and provides a lifetime of 10 years under specific conditions.

The IP66 housing allows the installation under a wide range of harsh environmental conditions, assuring strength and durability

  • NB-IoT communications
  • UNE-82326:2010 interface
  • Firmware over the air update (FOTA)
  • IP-66 casing
  • Battery powered. 10 years lifetime.
  • Fully customizable
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