Multi-level Security for Critical Services



Today, cybersecurity is a term that causes distrust among technology consumers. Technology initiatives must combat digital threats to provide greater security during the consumption of these tools.

The objective of the MuSiC (Multi-level Security for Critical Services) project is to offer an open and affordable modular reference platform, providing a scalable and certifiable solution for any connected device to protect against application, operating system, web and network based threats and to protect critical services in shared networks.

One of the technology innovations is to develop a novel architecture (hardware and software) optimised for low-power, cost-effective IoT and communication devices that support existing security mechanisms in high-end computing and mobile devices.

MuSiC plans to impact several markets where trusted digital devices and services are required. The project will enable:

  • Support the competitiveness of key European security solutions players.
  • Empower the market of trusted device OEMs and service providers, including emerging IoT providers that are often SMEs lacking the required security expertise.
  • Protect the data and privacy of European citizens and reduce the costs of cybercrime.
  • Promote and extend existing security standards.


The international consortium is composed of 15 partners, well balanced between large groups, innovative SMEs, RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations) and universities with strong expertise in the fields of security and safety, covering both project technology and market value chains.

The consortium includes large and small companies strongly committed to the promotion and dissemination of industry standards and is spread over 4 countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France and Spain.

Ministerio de energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital
Plan Estatal Investigacion Cientifica 2013-2016