OMS Gateway

Smart Water OMS

Gateway OMS is a gateway device that allows the readings of different water meters to be connected to a single point. It incorporates a Wireless M-Bus interface in accordance with EN 13757-2, -3, and complies with the OMS (Open Metering System Specification) standard for AMR (Automated Meter Reading). It can work in a frequency of 169 MHz and in a frequency of 868 MHz and can be configured to operate as Master or Repeater.

The gateway is completely configurable, both in number and measurement frequency. The data collected by the meters is sent to the service management platform using GPRS, NB/IoT or Lora technology, depending on the model chosen. The information received can be processed and analyzed, which makes it possible to optimize water consumption and detect leaks or damage in real time.

Its IP66 encapsulation allows its installation in a wide range of environmental conditions, guaranteeing resistance and durability.

  • OMS / Wireless M-BUS Interface
  • Frequencies 169 MHz / 868 MHz
  • GPRS, NB-IoT & LoRa Communications (depending on model)
  • Power supply 220Vac and rechargeable backup battery
  • Master Mode / Repeater Mode
  • Fully configurable
  • Remote reprogramming (OTAP)
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