Product Security for Cross Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems



Secure technology is one of the concerns of consumers, and it is therefore necessary to promote projects that help to gain confidence in automated systems.

Cybersecurity measures are aimed at combating digital attacks and making it safer for us to consume new technological tools.

SECREDAS (Product Security for Cross Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems) aims to develop and validate multi-domain architecture methodologies, reference architectures and components for autonomous systems, which combine high security and privacy protection while preserving functional security and system security in their operational performance.

One in four potential buyers/users of autonomous vehicles in Europe do not trust that they are safe and are reluctant to buy one. This lack of trust is a huge challenge for European OEMs who want to remain competitive and world leaders. Even more so as newcomers such as Google and Apple enter their market.

SECREDAS focuses on taking a big step in cybersecurity and secure technology for connected and automated vehicles. The technology that SECREDAS envisions could be of use not only in the areas of automated systems in the automotive field, but also in the fields of rail and healthcare.

TST will take part in several demonstration scenarios in which its technology will complement that of other partners by finding solutions to typical problems in the context of autonomous car use.