General purpose level sensor NivelWatcher

General purpose level sensor NivelWatcher

The NivelWatcher level sensor is an IoT device specially designed to monitor the level of liquids and the level of bulk and other solids in various applications. Examples of these possible applications are the monitoring of the level of rivers or the level of the sea, the monitoring of the level in agricultural or industrial ponds, the control of stocks or the monitoring of silos. For the monitoring of IBC tanks and small containers we have available the TSTank IBC container level sensor

NivelWatcher allows you to measure the filling level of tanks even with internal structures or irregular walls. Thanks to its advanced signal processing technology, it can discern the echo coming from these structures from the echo of the merchandise, allowing to know what its fill level is in any type of container.

In addition, thanks to the exclusive TST RoutePlanner software, the IoT NivelWatcher sensor allows automatic planning of merchandise collection or distribution routes and facilitates demand forecasting.

The device measures the level with a high-quality ultrasonic sensor and monitors the ambient temperature. Information is sent periodically through IoT communications (Sigfox).

The user can program notifications when a certain level is reached, program the sampling frequency, plan merchandise collection or delivery routes (TST RoutePlanner) and even prepare demand forecasts. This enables optimal route planning and savings of time and resources.

Installation is quick and easy and does not require any type of maintenance. Due to its ultra-low power design, the battery only needs to be changed every five years.

  • Ultrasound technology
  • Advanced signal processing. Measure even with internal structures or uneven walls.
  • Ultra low consumption (5 years autonomy)
  • SIGFOX communications
  • Measurement range between 25 cm to 5 m
  • Easy installation and start up
  • Fully configurable
  • TST RoutePlanner software compatible
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