Integrated management of the whole wine production chain



SITELVIÑA is a project aiming at the integrated management of the whole wine production chain, creating technology solutions dedicated to it.

In order to undertake the main objective of the project, an innovative architecture based on the Internet of Things concept will be created, combining architectures and wireless sensing, monitoring, control and intelligent devices with the aim of managing the production chain end-to-end, from cultivation of the grape to the production of wine. The objective therefore is to create a “network of things” that can interact with each other, providing data to a central management service and offering intuitive and integrated management interfaces. Additionally, the system proposes the use of NFC technology to interact “on site” with the deployed elements.

The project addresses the validation of the technology in the Pago de Cubas winery and two vineyards in the municipality of Venialbo (Zamora, Spain), in order to delimit and identify the requirements and needs on a real scenario.

TST has had occasion to present the system developed and deployed on the ground in various forums, such as the Smart City Expo 2012 in Barcelona and FuNeMS 2013 in Lisbon, inscribing the solution within the initiatives related to the Internet of Things (IoT), receiving numerous and well received inquiries from the public present at them both.