Distributed Artificial Intelligence Systems



One of the advantages of technology is that it can be applied to different areas. Among them, it can be a solution to protect security. Robotics can perform tasks that would not be possible for humans.

The development of devices for this purpose is intended to enhance security without the need to put the integrity of individuals at risk.

The URBAN project aims to develop a prototype Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with autonomous navigation and operation capabilities for reconnaissance in urban environments supporting a foot combatant.

In this way, the robot will have advanced navigation and detection capabilities in unstructured environments in order to be able to autonomously carry out the reconnaissance of infrastructures and facilities, as well as an early detection of potential threats.

The technologies developed in this project and the experience gained will help TST to promote future technological developments in autonomous robotics applied to multiple fields such as security, defence, industry, infrastructures or emergency services and civil protection.