Successful final review of the OrganiCity project

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Exceptionally successful final review of the OrganiCity project

The final review of the Horizon 2020 project “OrganiCity” took place last Monday 10th September remotely, with the coordinator of the project, Martin Brynskov, from the University of Aarhus, meeting physically in Brussels with the Project Officer and the reviewers.

Not only were all objectives achieved and KPIs exceeded, but the reviewers also lauded the consortium efforts as having achieved impact for communities on a scale which is rarely seen.

The Playbook was lauded as stellar. The beautiful website lives in the hands of Open, Agile & Smart Cities (OASC). The technical contributions are shared by the consortium partners. And most massively, the community is moving on.

With the elements of future city experimentation services delivered, they are for further exploitation, by the partners, the experimenters and communities, and by everyone else. This is a concept of sustainability that has been treated with special care from TST, as a dedicated project task leader.

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