TST develops a control system for the European project MuSiC

MuSiC Project

As part of the European project MuSiC, TST and the company Quobis are jointly developing a control system to transfer orders to an end device. All this is framed in the main context of MuSiC, to provide greater safety to IoT/MoM devices.

The part of the system in charge of TST is based on a microcontroller model STM32-L5 from ST Microelectronics, the company coordinating the project, which offers the possibility of working with the so-called Trust Zone that will help to achieve an increase in the security measures applied to data communication. This controller board is connected with another module developed by Quobis, with the global objective of facilitating the performance in local environments of technicians who, for various circumstances, are in a remote location.

To test the different developments, TST and Quobis engineers have chosen to transfer orders to a Makeblock robot. In this initial phase, they are using the Bluetooth application that comes as standard with the robot to get to know it in-depth and perform simple tasks, such as picking up light objects with its retractable gripper.

TST is a leading partner in the European project MuSiC whose main objective is to develop a solution to protect IoT / MoM (Manufacturing Operations Management) devices from increasing threats in applications, operating systems, web or networks.

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