TST is a prominent partner in the European MuSiC project to create safer IoT devices

MuSiC Project

TST is a prominent partner in the European MuSiC project, which aims to develop a solution to protect IoT / MoM (Manufacturing Operations Management) devices from application, operating system, web or network-based threats.

TST is the company responsible for the Spanish consortium, in which Quobis and HI-Iberia are integrated. TST, in collaboration with Quobis, will prepare a demonstrator scenario to validate MuSiC on novel location and communication technologies, in the context of the Internet of Things.

MuSiC addresses the rapidly growing market of IoT / MoM security, offering platforms and technologies to reduce the “time to market” (the time it takes to get a product to market), and eliminate the trap of “sell now and repair later“. MuSiC will increase efficiency and security levels and contribute to the digital transformation in the areas of smart cities and PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief).

With this initiative, Europe wants to boost the competitiveness of the main players in terms of security solutions, grow the market for secure devices and service providers. In this sense, the EU wants to support, with special emphasis, the emerging SMEs of IoT, which lack the required expertise in security. The MuSiC project also aims to provide solutions to protect the data and privacy of European citizens, as well as helping to reduce the costs of cybercrime and promote and extend existing security standards.

Twelve partners from three countries

Currently, MuSiC’s partners are working on a reliable and scalable solution for the development of secure devices, offering adequate processing capabilities to support multimedia services, protection against various types of attacks, secure access and data protection.

In parallel, common, cost-effective criteria for security certification paths beyond the level required by mission-critical services are being implemented to provide users and manufacturers with confidence in these secured devices.

Finally, several demonstration projects will be developed for representative use cases of the Smart City and PPDR areas. The ability to respond to different security and performance requirements will be validated. At this stage, TST will play a leading role.

MuSiC was launched internationally in 2018 led by the French company ST Microelectronics. The European consortium is signed by twelve partners from three countries: Czech Republic, France and Spain. The partners are large companies, SMEs, research organizations and universities with a great deal of experience in security and protection. They also cover both the project technology and the market value chains.

In June 2019 the first review of the European PENTA cluster office was passed. The second audit will take place in June 2020. In Spain, the project is financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINCOTUR).


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