TST Japan is born, TST Sistemas’ commitment to the Japanese market

TST Japan

We are pleased to announce the first major international expansion of TST Systems with the creation of TST Japan, a new company that will take advantage of business development opportunities in Japan and neighbouring countries. The first interaction with the Japanese market will take place at CEATEC, its largest electronics and technology fair that runs from October 20 to 23 in a virtual way.

Under the direction of Kenzo Furuta, MCPC Certified IoT Professional, iNARTE engineer, TST Japan’s philosophy is based on the L3PWA principle:

  • Localization: local support
  • Low cost
  • LPWA: Low power but extensive radio network

Effectively, TST Japan was founded in August 2020 but TST Sistemas has been successfully operating in the Japanese market for several years, always with local agents. In fact, TST is a provider of IoT (Internet of Things) technology from one of the most important industrial groups in the country. So says Fran Alcalá, CEO of TST Sistemas:

“It may come as a surprise that a Spanish company is carrying out state-of-the-art projects in Japan, but that’s our case for years. TST is an IoT technology provider of one of the most important industrial groups in Japan. With them we are implementing water, waste, industrial solutions, etc. management plans. It’s a market of 120 million people. In Japan, they have a lot of respect for the experience of Europe and Spain in the IoT field.”

Fran Alcalá

Kenzo Furuta, CEO of TST Japan, believes there is a great opportunity in the country:

“I have been working and studying IoT for several years. I found that Europe is using IoT in real life now. I think that Spain and Japan have a lot in common, e.g. ageing population, smart cities, pollution, etc. I believe that Japanese technology with TST Sistemas IoT knowledge and experiences can bring IoT to Reality. TST Japan is just born, but working with TST Sistemas and other Japanese partners will put us in an advantageous place to achieve practical IoT in real life and be ahead of the market”.

Kenzo Furuta

The longing of TST Japan to the Japanese market will take place in the 2020 edition of CEATEC, the largest technology exhibition in the country. The appointment is online, from 20 to 23 October 2020, and TST has its own virtual stand that will serve to contact customers or future customers and to publicize the new brand.

Participation in CEATEC is free, just sign up for this LINK.

After registration, you will be able to access the TST Japan virtual stand.

A direct chat has been set up on the stand to deal with queries, downloads of technical documentation and videos with demonstrations of products and services.

TST Sistemas is a Celestia Technologies Group´s company. The idea arose within the Department of Communications Engineering of the University of Cantabria, Spain, and finally the company was founded in 2007. TST Sistemas is the result of the association between entrepreneurs from the academic field and businessmen with a long history of creation and growth of technology-based companies.