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02Product design
We stand by our customers
Analysing their requirements, making their ideas a reality and releasing to the market innovative products with the technology that best suits each necessity.

Experts on RF hardware design

RF electronics is one of the key components if we are talking of IoT product design, which is highly related to the device´s electromagnetic compatibility and electrical security. The state of the art instrumentation and equipment available and the highly qualified engineers allows TST to perform the antenna measurements and characterization for reliable connectivity and minimum losses. We are experts on embedded software development for multiple hardware platforms and different and communication protocols.


Experts on IoT networks

The communication networks have evolved to support the requirements of IoT applications as low power, low data rates, support for a massive number of devices over a wide geographical area, secure end-to-end connectivity and strong authentication. TST designs and delivers sensor devices choosing the right communications network technology for each application. TST products include a wide variety of radio interfaces, highlighting LPWAN (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT), WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular 3GPP networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G).


TST has developed and manufactured market-leading IoT devices for monitoring of water quality parameters (pH, temperature and turbidity), pressure level control in pipelines and rivers level and flow monitoring. The remote sensing allows to visualize, generate statistics and reports and trigger alarms to prevent damages and manage the hydric resources infrastructures.


TST has designed and developed for our customer MOBA a set of sensors to measure the fill level in waste containers. The product MOBA FLS2 is enabled to measure, by using ultrasonic technology, the fil level and the state of any type of waste container. It is available with different communications technologies, depending on the model, highlighting GPRS y NB-IoT as the most demanding ones. The real-time data collected from the sensors allows to optimize the collection routes planning and brings a significant reduction of costs and a significant reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.


One of the IoT technologies use cases is the one related to Smart Livestock, having the target of optimizing the control of the animals as well as their production techniques and feeding. TST has developed for its customers innovative products addressed to monitor animals health parameters, environmental conditions in breeding farms or location tracking in real time.


TST has developed a Smart control device enabled to measure the cereal grain level in big storage silos. The detection of the fill level together with a temperature control allows to improve and optimize the production and logistics processes, also assuring the energy efficiency tanks.

Manufacturing & Industrialization
Capability to manufacture prototypes, medium and big volumes

We manufacture our own products and systems, and we also offer a manufacturing service of products designed by third parties, defining and optimizing the production and quality processes to get the maximum reliability and to reduce the operative costs.


TST has jointly worked with Altair in the framework of innovative projects related to product design, manufacturing and industrialization of electronic devices featured with control, processing and artificial intelligence. The infrastructure, production resources and industrialization capacities of TST together with the industrial design, data analytics and business intelligence expertise of Altair have led to successful customer deliveries in the Industry 4.0 market.

TST has industrialized and manufactured the “Health Robot”, powered by the company Homedoctor, which has drastically changed the remote healthcare market in Spain. The Robot is enabled with the needed technology to perform diagnostic tests at people’s homes. TST worked closely with Homedoctor´s team to become the idea a final commercial product which was manufactured at high volumes and released to the market with swift delivery.
Technology consulting

We assist our customers on the design conceptualization and requirements definition, we analyse the technological feasibility, the usability and the costs and we ensure the product delivery to the market in time and budget.